Faculty-Graduate Seminar 2009–10: African American Religion and Politics

Wednesday afternoons 4:30-6:00pm, Stanhope Hall 201
Wednesday afternoons 4:30-6:00pm, Stanhope Hall 201

Faculty Convener: Wallace Best

Our theme for 2009–2010 is African American Religion and Politics.

Drawing on research from diverse fields of study, this year’s seminar hopes to explore the complex intersection of American politics and the changing role of African American religion in American public life.

The seminar includes a core group of graduate students and members of CAAS faculty. We meet on alternate Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm–6:00pm.

The Faculty-Graduate seminar is an intimate intellectual community. Our goal is to establish a small but intellectually diverse and committed group of scholars who will attend all meetings and engage in sustained discourse during the year. Given these goals and the limited meeting space, we are accepting only ten (10) graduate students into each semester’s seminar. We encourage graduate students to commit to both semesters and preference for spring registration will be given to students engaged in the fall seminar.

Schedule — Fall 2009

Princeton University
October 7
University of Oklahoma
October 14
University of California, Riverside
October 28
Union Theological Seminary
November 11
Professor of Theology in the Divinity School, University of Chicago Divinity School
December 9

Schedule — Spring 2010

Harvard University
February 10
Emory University
February 24
University of Michigan
March 10
Morehouse Colllege
March 24
Emory University
April 21