Who’s Got Game? Poppy or the Snake?

Title: Who's Got Game? Poppy or the Snake?
ISBN13: 9780743222495
Release Date: January 6th 2004
Published by: Scribner
Pages: 40

In this clever riff on Aesop, Poppy feels guilty when he accidentally drives over Snake, and he decides to risk being bitten in order to free the sassy reptile. But smake wants more. This is a sly tale about who gets the last laugh.We, the creators of "Who's Got Game?" were inspired by the wonder of Aesop's Fables -- their vitality, their endless demand for more interpretations. In our versions the original stories are opened up and their moralisitic endings reimagined; the victim might not lose; the timid gets a chance to become strong; the fool can gain insight; the powerful may lose their grip. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. More than a play on these beloved fables, "Who's Got Game?" is AESOP LIVE