Liberals, Guns and the Roots of the U.S. Prison Explosion

Naomi Murakawa talks with Laura Flanders about the role of liberals in growing the system of mass incarceration, and the show takes a look back at coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement.


Liberals, Guns and the Roots of the U.S. Prison Explosion

One thought on “Liberals, Guns and the Roots of the U.S. Prison Explosion

  1. Murakawa kicks the truth up to the cameras of the nation. keep on keeping on. i have also been thinking this for a long long time, with no evidence but my years of taxi driving to guide me. first i love black america. it is our soul, and soul bros and sistahs is no lie. they are suffering as the canaries in our fascist coal mine for too too long. i am sorry idid not get this until i m atoo old almost to act. but i write and so here: we have to decriminalize all drug possessions. no exception when our own CIA is trhe worlds’ biggest smuggler of heroin…see Taliban prohibition of H vs our own emancipatio of poppy producers. 90% of world smack comes from Afghanistan under US domination. so a guy with a gram in his pocket in one of our cities should simply lose it. and go home. then the cops have to write it down and not sell it themselves. pot should be totally dereg. etc. on down the line. we have to think of drugs as a disease. i know meth is coming up and it is the worst one. i leave that to current drug wars.
    but all the hallucingens are contructive in various ways and will soeday be refined and made more pure.
    meanwhile, small crimes cannot be held against a human being for ever. we have to study the idea of Jesus to turn the other cheek for juvenile crime. i do not believe in in carceration of children. isay give it back and don’t do it again. you have a life to live here and now. do not mess it up.
    then we need better economic policies to provide better jobs. summer jobs. free education just like Finland. Finland! That terrfied little nation living righ tunder the claws of the Russian Bear. the yhave free schools and health care and everyone speaks 4 languages. i’d ask them for advice. they have no oil and yet they produce a great society where we flounder in fear and anxiety.
    learnignis sacred adn we must make sure to get that point across to every child not only in America but in the world.
    now let me subscribe to this outlet.

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