▶︎ ‘A Through Line for African American Studies’

African American Studies is a field that shows how ‘this connects to that.’ In this conversation, Professor Glaude interviews his colleague Professor Imani Perry about her expansive, pathbreaking archive. Perry discusses her forthcoming book projects, ideas about methodology, and habits of reading. One book, May We Forever Stand, a cultural history of the black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” tells a story about black institutional life, ritual and loss. Another book, Vexy Thing: A Book on Gender is an account of patriarchy, empire, conquest and – through a real commitment to feminist practice – liberation. Finally, Perry is at work about a book on the life of Lorraine Hansberry. Perry’s insight as a scholar trained in multiple disciplines reveals a valuable toolkit for those seeking to enter and make a difference in the academy. Glaude and Perry also discuss what they are reading and listening to today.

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▶︎ ‘A Through Line for African American Studies’

One thought on “▶︎ ‘A Through Line for African American Studies’

  1. This is one of the most important conversations between two of the most gifted AA intellectuals of this generation. The interdisciplinary nature of their respective work and the synergy of their deep friendship is a fruitful abeyance for this rich discussion. Perry’s work and its dual elliptical foci is explained here in as clear a way as I I ever heard it or read it. The theoretical work is of deep importance in this intellectual moment. The interdisciplinarity of the comments here offers a rich resource for the type of work so needed in AA letters as we seek to challenge the core thinking behind the resurgent and destructive intellectual forms of retrenchment and backlash, called here “the imaginative work of white supremacy” What is most important here is the argument that the methodologies at the heart of the AAS project is at the vanguard of an intellectual practice that is productive and expansive, resistant to the type of intellectual dishonesty at the heart of oppressive practices.

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