Dara Strolovitch

Associate Professor, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Ph.D, Political Science
Yale University
303 Robertson Hall
office phone:
(609) 258-8990
Dara Strolovitch


AAS 404/GSS 419 /POL 429

Intersectional Activisms and Movements For Social Justice

Examines the role of intersectionality roots as a political intervention growing out of and based in movement politics. Begins with early articulations of intersectional perspectives on the part of Black feminists and feminists of colour, emphasizing its movement roots. Examines empirical research about social movements and political activism, focusing on scholarship that considers both the potential of and the challenges to movements that try to address the imbrication of racial inequalities with other forms of marginalization and domination, including (though not limited to) heteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, and the carceral state

GSS 502 / AAS 502 / POL 514

Gender and Sexuality in American Politics and Policy

This course examines the ways in which gender and sexuality shape and are shaped by U.S. politics and public policy, emphasizing intersections with other categories, identities, and forms of marginalization including race, ethnicity, class, ideology, and partisan identification. We examine the history, approaches, and controversies in research about gender and sexuality in U.S. politics from a range of theoretical and methodological approaches. We also explore feminist, queer, and intersectional theories and methodologies, related work from other disciplines, and research that does not fit neatly into traditional disciplinary categories.

AAS Subfield: Race and Public Policy