Approved Cognates

The Department of African American Studies maintains a list of courses from various department that have been evaluated and deemed ‘Approved Cognates.’ Cognates are courses from other departments (that are not currently cross-listed) which can be taken to count towards the African American Studies Undergraduate Course of Study. Additional courses may be considered as cognates with the approval of the Department.

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English Approved Cognates
History Approved Cognates
Music Approved Cognates
Politics Approved Cognates
Portuguese Approved Cognates
Psychology Approved Cognates
Religion Approved Cognates
Sociology Approved Cognates
Woodrow Wilson School Approved Cognates

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Program in African Studies Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • AFS 400 Topics in African Studies
  • AFS 427 Conflict in Africa

Program in American Studies Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • AMS 342 (also HIS 442) Race, Racism and Politics in Twentieth-Century America

Department of Anthropology Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • ANT 210 Cross-Cultural Explorations of Gender in Film and Ethnographic Texts
  • ANT 301 The Ethnographer’s Craft
  • ANT 304 Political Anthropology
  • ANT 321 Ritual, Myth and Worldview
  • ANT 322 Cross-Cultural Texts
  • ANT 350 Desire and Repression: Economic Anthropology and American Pop Culture

School of Architecture Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • ARC 305 Urban Studies: Analysis of Contemporary Urban Form
  • ARC 401 Theories of Housing and Urbanism

Department of Art and Archaeology Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • ART 242 (also ARC 242) The Experience of Modernity: A Survey of Modern Architecture in the West
  • ART 456 Seminar: Contemporary Art

Department of Economics Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • ECO 321 Industrial Organization
  • ECO 351 Economics of Development

Department of English Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • ENG 350 Literature of the American Renaissance, 1820 – 1860
  • ENG 351 American Literature: 1865 – 1930
  • ENG 367 American Women Writers
  • ENG 368 American Literature: 1930 – Present
  • ENG 411 Major Author(s): August Wilson: African American Life in the 20th Century
  • ENG 415 Topics in Literature and Ethics
  • ENG 416 Topics in Literature and Ethics

Department of History Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • HIS 305 (also LAS 306) History of the Modern Caribbean
  • HIS 314 Precolonial Africa
  • HIS 315 Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
  • HIS 316 South African History, 1497 to the Present
  • HIS 373 Democracy and Slavery in The New Nation
  • HIS 374 History of the American West
  • HIS 376 The American Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIS 377 Gilded Age and Progressive-Era United States, 1877 – 1920
  • HIS 381 The United States South, 1865 to the Present
  • HIS 383 The United States Since 1920
  • HIS 389 American Cultural History Since 1876

Department of Music Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • MUS 250 (also ANT 250) World Music Cultures
  • MUS 258 (also AFS 258) Music of Africa
  • MUS 260 Music in the United States
  • MUS 264 Urban Blues and the Golden Age of Rock
  • MUS 265 History of Popular Music: Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop
  • MUS 311 Jazz Theory through Improvisation and Composition I
  • MUS 312 Jazz Theory through Improvisation and Composition II
  • MUS 352 (also AMS 342) Music in the Antebellum America, 1800 – 1860

Department of Politics Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • POL 220 American Politics
  • POL 316 Civil Liberties
  • POL 317 Discrimination and the Law
  • POL 321 American Political Thought
  • POL 366 Politics in Africa
  • POL 421 Seminar in American Politics: Racial Politics in the U.S.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • POR 301 (also LAS 303) Modern Brazilian Literature and Culture
  • POR 304 (also LAS 311) Topics in Brazilian Cultural and Social History: Music and the Atlantic World

Department of Psychology Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • PSY 212 (also CHV 212) The Psychology of Moral Behavior
  • PSY 252 Social Psychology
  • PSY 307 Educational Psychology
  • PSY 313 Interpersonal Perception

Department of Religion Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • REL 236 (also NES 236) Introduction to Islam
  • REL 258 Religion in American Society
  • REL 319 Religious Encounters in the Colonial Atlantic World
  • REL 328 (also GSS 328) Women and Gender in Islamic Societies
  • REL 358 Religion in American Culture Since 1830
  • REL 360 (also GSS 360) Women and American Religion
  • REL 366 (also CHV 366) Merton & King

Department of Sociology Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • SOC 201 American Society and Politics
  • SOC 210 (also LAS 210/URB 210/LAO 210) Urban Sociology: The City and Social Change in the Americas
  • SOC 216 The Ghetto
  • SOC 227 Race and Ethnicity
  • SOC 345 Money, Work and Social Life
  • SOC 359 Higher Education and Society
  • SOC 361 (also GSS) Culture, Power, and Inequality

Woodrow Wilson School Approved Cognates

Active Approved Cognates include:

  • WWS 370 (also POL 308/CHV 301) Ethics ad Public Policy

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